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makeup, hair extensions, eyelashes, botox, lip jabs, liposuction, teeth whitening, boob jobs, vagazzle’s … 
I can take a good look at myself and honestly say I do not want to change anything about myself, nothing. Why do so many girls believe that they have to go through all of this, and a daily routine of dolling themselves up to make them feel better I will never understand.
Yes I’m human, I wear makeup on occasions and dress up, but I don’t go to extremes.
Seriously, why can’t people be comfortable in their own skin ? Why can’t people come to terms with themselves? I understand people can get bullied, I’ve had comments thrown at me, but every time someone says something about the way I look, I don’t even re-think it. It’s who I am, why should I change it over your opinion?  
Most girls do it to get guys, and to be perfectly honest, if your going out looking like a barbie doll, yes your going to attract guys who treat you like one

- Play with you until they’re  bored and get a new one. 

So why put yourself through the hassle of a predicted heartbreak ? 
Really, I don’t see why people have this lifestyle, it’s so much effort all the time, it costs… and the worst you girls really intimidate some people, they feel really little and are forced to follow your path to let them not feel ashamed ! 
It’s really shocking.

- sorry for the rant, please girls just dial it down abit  

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